Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Reavsey Write-Up UFK

09 May 2009

Cherry Tree Pub – Tonbridge Rd - Maidstone

Andy Export (UFK) and Andy White

The genius song smith that is Andy Export and founder of Unlucky Fried Kitten along
with the excellent guitar man and performer Andy White

Leave your Jellied Eels on the counter and scuttle from the van to the stage, toot

The duo blasted off with Loserville.com an old UFK
favourite…a tentative Export fixed the crowd in his sights while exclaiming
“Click a mouse to find a spouse”, maybe there were a few guilty faces hiding
behind their pint pots?

Sounding out the crowd, Andy E stepped up a gear and with Andy W’s solid chops
backing him, ran through great versions of 3 Am and also “To whom it may
concern” (a personal favourite of mine), Shooting Star Amongst others…

Having performed a fine, if maybe subdued set by his standards, Andy Export stepped
down to allow Andy White to play solo.

Andy White performed some modern classics which the boisterous crowd really
appreciated, singing along with him at one point.
An excellent set by Andy White, whose style of playing is competent and aggressive,
which certainly went down well in the bustle of a busy Saturday night at the Cherry
Tree and held the audiences attention. Great choice of songs and great response to
his performance from the locals.

After Andy Exports tactical retreat to re energise, imbibed with a drop of the old
amber medicine, Export’s evil twin returned to the stage with renewed vigour and
much gusto…

Looking like a shaven headed Nelson on the prow of the Victory; he surveyed his
“Trafalgar” and battle commenced.

“Made in Russia” sent some metaphorical shrapnel barwards and the audience
responded… Andy E gesturing and falling to his knees like some tormented Bingo
caller, animated the songs while Andy W, with wry smile on his face, bashed out the
power chords.

Now he meant business and we saw the old charm of Andy Export shine through as he
bantered with the audience and at one point during a classic rendition of
“People”, got lost somewhere in the Saloon bar due to the wonder that is the
Wireless Microphone, in fact he was narrowly prevented from performing the remainder
of the gig from the Tonbridge Rd!

Several numbers later and after the impossible to follow rendition of “People”
(In which the audience chanted “People People” providing backing vocals) the
show wound down.

There were even cries for such UFK staples as “I am a Robot” from the locals.

UFK punching above their combined numbers but probably sufficiently enough for their
combined weight, responded to the final bell and time, the one who “flexes like a
whore”, fell metaphorically winking to the floor, energy spent.

Loserville.com was the encore and the circle had been
squared whatever that might mean?

A very entertaining evening and a great combination of Andy E’s unique style and
song writing and Andy W’s excellent and edgy guitar, which really complimented
each other to form another great Unlucky Fried Kitten event.

Oh yes and thanks to Westlife for inspiration…

Review By Reavsey (A UFK Follower ;o)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

UFK Album on sale at gig £2

Unlucky Fried Kitten...live at The Cherry Tree in Maidstone on Saturday May 9th.
8.30...until they get booted off

Yes folks...I got the nod that the gig at The Cherry Tree is on for May 9th when Unlucky Fried Kitten will be double-billing with Andy White.
The gig will kick off at 8.30 and UFK will be playing a few new songs as well as some of the old songs. I Am A Spider will be played on a typewriter. Life In My Town will get it's second airing...after it was debuted at The White Horse, Maidstone with Ben Jones (of The Lovedays) on guitar. Andy Export of Unlucky Fried Kitten (natch) was on vocal duty.
Copies of the Unlucky Fried Kitten album "Unlucky Fried Kitten present Loserville.com" will be on sale at The Cherry Tree gig for the princely sum of £2....that's two pounds of your hard-earned money. No post and packaging...cos it will be right there...in front of you...calling your name.
Double-Bill with Andy White


Unlucky Fried Kitten...live at The Cherry Tree in Maidstone on Saturday May 9th.
8.30...until they get booted off
Double-Bill with Andy White