Friday, 10 April 2009

CHERRY TREE GIG May 9th Maidstone

The set-list for Unlucky Fried Kitten at The Cherry Tree in Maidstone on May 9th will be….most likely…as follows.

May 9th 2009….double-header…

Andy White

Unlucky Fried Kitten

1. Underground Worker

2. People

3. Loserville

4. To Whom It May Concern

5. Shooting Star

6. The Girl Next Door

7. Three a.m.

8. 7-Days (craig david cover)

9. I Am A Spider

10. Strange Summer

11. Ballerina In A Fish-Supper Suit

12. Here Comes Christine Keeler Dressed In Dancing Leather

13. Made In Russia

14. Scrap Metal

15. Life In My Town

This is not a definitive list….I will be adding to it from time to time at various stages until May 9th.

I might even debut my new song “Dial-A-Goat” Here’s a splash of the lyric….to get you into the concept of renting a ruminant.


If your garden is overgrown

And your budget is overblown

And your strimmer has died a death

Drawn it’s final 2-stroke breath

There’s a number that you can ring

VAT-Registered and everything

We’ll come and clear away the weeds you got

Even if you have lost the plot


Cos maybe paraquat don’t float your boat

Why piss about with fire or creosote

When you can Dial-A-Goat?


He’ll even wear a regimental coat

He’ll be eating ’til he starts to bloat


Gets my vote.

We have up-dated the set-list and it's all systems goo. Most of the words to these songs can be found in one of the blogs on this site.

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